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What is Doughnuts for Breakfast?

Inspired by a line in my debut novel, Single Bald Female, Doughnuts for Breakfast is a twice-monthly newsletter about doing what you love. It’s about pursuing your dreams now instead of in some distant future that might never come, while being kind to yourself and not denying yourself the simple pleasures that bring you joy. These are all things I’ve learned a lot about since being diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, then stage four cancer at 39.

Whether you’re unhappy in your career, your relationship or just in general, I will inspire you to be brave enough to make the positive changes you need. After all, it needn’t take a life-threatening disease to make life-changing decisions.

About the author

My name is Laura Price and I’m a journalist, translator and author of the novel Single Bald Female. I’m a novelist by day and a food writer by night, so this newsletter contains a healthy sprinkling of content about food and books, as well as musings on love, friendship, work and health. You can opt in or out at any time.

I also run Life in Food with Laura Price, an independent podcast where I interview inspiring guests like Kris Hallenga, Clover Stroud and Nikki May about mental health, love and grief through a culinary lens. Life in Food is available on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts, and there’s a new season coming in autumn 2022.

In 2012, at 29 years old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2022, at 39 years old, I discovered that my breast cancer had spread to my bones, meaning it is now incurable, but treatable. In the last 10 years, I have learned so much about pursuing the life I want to lead, and I’m determined to show others that it shouldn’t take a life-threatening disease to make life-changing decisions.

About Single Bald Female

My debut novel, Single Bald Female, was published in hardback by Pan Macmillan in April 2022, and in paperback in January 2023. Described as ‘Dolly Alderton meets The Fault in Our Stars for grown-ups,’ it follows magazine journalist Jess as she deals with breast cancer and a break-up before listing herself on a dating app with a bald head. The novel was inspired by my own experiences of being diagnosed with breast cancer at 29.

What to expect from this newsletter

There are two strands to the newsletter, and you can sign up for either or both. 

1. Doughnuts for Breakfast

Here you’ll find careers advice on topics such as rejection, resilience and writing a novel, as well as book recommendations and musings on love, friendship and food. These posts will inspire you to pursue the things that bring you joy.

2. Chapter Two

Here you’ll find memoir-style pieces and updates on my health as I learn to live with stage four breast cancer, which spread to my bones in 2022, 10 years after my original diagnosis. Chapter Two is the follow-up to The Big Scary ‘C’ Word and my blog for The Huffington Post, both of which I started in 2012. These posts will be honest, realistic and positive, as I aim to educate you about the realities of cancer, and how it is possible to live a full and happy life with an incurable illness.

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Notes on food, books, careers, writing and breast cancer, from the author of Single Bald Female and host of Life in Food with Laura Price


Laura is the author of Single Bald Female and host of the podcast Life in Food. Her newsletter, Doughnuts for Breakfast, contains a healthy sprinkling of food and books, as well as musings on love, work, and life with stage four breast cancer.